Horse osteopathy is more than just wellness for your horse.

At Schloss Arff we combine high-quality services with state-of-the-art equipment, in order to offer the best possible care for your horse.
Our rehabilitation and fitness programme is designed to return your horse to complete performance capability after injuries or training breaks and to re-enable the highest level of working performance.

We offer qualified rehabilitation work in a healthy and quiet environment for humans and horses and practice open and frank communication. No matter what task your horse has, our aim is to keep it fit, healthy and happy.

full board and lodging

for pensioned-off horses, including fodder, grazing and blanket service

osteopathic and physiotherapeutic treatment,

together with acupuncture, aqua trainings, massages and matrix therapy

treatment and rehabilitation work in full board and lodging,

horses in rehab following injuries (temporary, weekly or monthly)

holiday with horse,

including overnight stay and temporary rental of horse boxes

use of paddocks,

round pen, horse walkers and training track as well as a network of forest riding tracks

trainings and instructions

on horsekeeping, feeding, first aid in cooperation with (Cologne Horse Academy)

Horse osteopathy is a gentle method for providing a natural balance for the body. The aim is unrestricted flexibility of muscles, fasciae and bones.

Tensions and joint dysfunctions lead to restricted freedom of movement, to improper loads and avulsion of tendons and ligaments.
The horse osteopath feels out restrictions in the flexibility of joints and muscles and relieves these through special techniques. Not only the osteopathic examination but also the treatment is only carried out with the hands.

When can horse osteopathy help

  • in the case of stiffness during riding and/or lunging
  • in the case of clock errors
  • in the case of problems with bending by hand
  • in the case of performance problems
  • in the case of signs of pain
  • in the case of back problems
  • in the case of problems with giving hoof
  • in the case of respiratory disorders
  • in the case of touch sensitivities
  • during rehabilitation
  • after dental treatments
  • prophylactic …

The Baroque Palace Schloß Arff, is to be found between Düsseldorf and Cologne, a modern and at the same time traditional location in a historical setting.

The picturesque palace and the impressive park, the outdoor areas and the adjoining stables enchant every visitor. In the middle of a green oasis, characterised by the hundred-year-old wonderful building stock, visitors to the grand country estate quickly find themselves in a different world.

The history of Schloß Arff goes back the Middle Ages.

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